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About Us

Climb Insure is a national insurance program for Canadian* indoor climbing gyms and is run by Nacora Insurance Brokers Ltd o/a Nacora International Insurance Brokers.  We are proud to have partnered with the Climbing Wall Association and are the associations official insurance partner in Canada.   

Nacora is an independent commercial and corporate insurance broker specializing in the provision of risk consulting and commercial (marine and non-marine) insurance solutions, products and services.

Our network of offices spans thirty countries, from where Nacora deploys insurance, claims and risk management specialists serving customers in all industry sectors throughout all the major economies. Our corporate head office is situated Schindellegi, near Zurich, Switzerland.

Nacora is owned by a world leading logistics provider with 1300 offices around the world.

*We can help you in different countries on a one-off basis

How It Works

How It Works

Risk Interview
Present Options

We start with a Risk Interview which takes 30 minutes 

We then do lots of paperwork compiling it nicely

So we bring it to interested and intelligent underwriters and share with you a report of our findings; including a recommendation and next steps

It's a tough risk to insure


We present the compiled package to the underwriters and navigate the peculiarities of insurance

Make a Decision

This is your call; our job is to run the information brokering process smoothly and to present you with options. 


Our process will have you feel confident making the decision


What Happy
People Say

"Nacora's knowledge and service with respect to insuring our business has exceeded our expectations. "

Impact Climbing Walls
Kyle Wilson

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