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Questions fréquemment posées

  • Do you provide everything in one package?
    Yes we do. As part of our Risk Interview, we will identify what insurance you must have, and what you should have. We've made it simple, straight-forward, and we work hard to keep it this way.
  • Can I serve Alcohol and still get insurance?
    Yes, we can provide insurance coverage for facilities that serve alcohol; as you can imagine it add some complexity, so we will explore this a bit with you and get the details proper.
  • Can I cover outdoor climbing expeditions?
    Yes, this is something we will work through with you; we will want details on the guides, including university or equivalent certifications, including safety certifications and wilderness survival certifications
  • I have a Yoga instructor (or something similar) that practices at my facility
    This is very common. Our recommendation is that they secure their own insurance policy (very affordable, we will help them do it) to cover off the risks associate with their operations and they issue a Certificate of Insurance naming you as the operator of the facility. If this isn't going to happen we need to get it addressed with the insurance carriers.
  • Can you provide coverage in Quebec?
    Yes! Happily so.
  • Can we insure Exterior Climbing Walls?
    Very challenging; it's an odd combination of risk and requires us to jump through some hurdles on your behalf.
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